Create your own Web 3.0 server : One way to do it

I have talked extensively about the fediverse, the decentral web, FAAMG alternatives and big tech censorship. My blogs offer a compelling overview and I have done work & stories for Robert David Steele about the decentral web. So you may ask yourself, after all this talk about going decentral and web 3.0, how do you do it Steven?

This guide is meant to give an answer to that. And I will try to get as clear and as dummy-proof as I can get. This is intended to be a one-stop shop from A to Z. I might forget a thing or two along the way so this will probably receive some updates in the near future.

10 ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation and improve your overal health

Everybody knows by now that modern technology has a dizzying array of health implications, including even potential deadly ones. The scientific and holistic wealth of undeniable evidence underpinning this is absolutely overwhelming. This blog/article will explain a few key ways and measures to protect yourself and your family against the dangerous effects of EMF radiation in general. It is set up as a starting guide to point you in the right direction. And lay down the foundations of your actionplan. This is by no means meant as a end all detailed complete document. It is simply a holistic overview pointing you to the right direction. I will rely on your ability to dive deeper and research this yourself. And if you do not feel comfortable doing this, it is a means to seek and find experts in their fields who know this inside out.